Heirloom Corn Masa Tortillas
 Prepared to Perfection with Mexican corn.

                                                                                                   + Nixtamalized (ancient nutrient-enhancing process)  

+ Non-GMO     + Vegan      

   + Gluten-free     + Stone-ground  + Zero Preservatives


MaizArte was founded with the mission to restore the integrity of our once beloved corn and its delicious by-product: the tortilla.

By providing the highest quality ingredients right from our motherland,  we stand to honor our ancestral rootsand the wisdom it holds and, most importantly, to proudly uphold the Mexican tortilla and showcase its dynamic flavors at its richest. MaizArte (pronounced ma-eez + are-tay) stems from the combination of the Spanish words Maiz (meaning “corn”) and Arte (meaning “art”).

Here we believe that, by giving the crop, with its many shapes and rich colors, the rightful name its beauty demands, we inherently honor not just our predecessors, but, above all, our community, our families, and our people.

With that value in mind, we celebrate our capacity to produce the highest quality tortillas on the market, all while ensuring that those involved in every step of the crafting process are rightfully attributed for our fruition and never forgotten.

We have been collaborating with Mexican, farming communities and assuming the responsibility of distributing their unparalleled types of non-GMO corn to restaurants and businesses.

In 2019, Maizarte set out on a journey to study, research, and experiment with field experts to reach mastery in the nixtamalization process (the process that is fundamental throughout the craftsmanship of a truly delicious tortilla), and that is how we have come to share the perfect tortilla.

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